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Museum staff

René Schrøder Christensen, Head of Research & Collections, PhD. Employed by the museum in 2013. Historian specialising in settlement history and history of industry and technology. Research assistant at the University of Southern Denmark 2005–2006; Odense City Museums 2006–2010 and 2011–2012, the Fisheries and Maritime Museum in 2010 and 2012, and Museums of Eastern Funen 2010–2011. Author of several articles and books on cultural landscapes, shipbuilding, ports and industry, including Industrisamfundets havne 1840-1970 [Ports of the Industrial Society, 1840–1970] (2008, co-authored with H. Harnow and G. Haastrup), Thrige - Mennesket og virksomheden [Thrige: the Man and the Company], 2010 and Odense Staalskibsværft 1918-2012 [Odense Steel Shipyard 1918-2012], vol. 1-2, 2016 (co-author). A member of the editorial staff of Fabrik & Bolig [Factory and Dwelling] since 2010 and Jernbanehistorie [Railway History] since 2013.

Inga Hansen, Service Assistant whose duties include cleaning, reception and ticket sales, as well as driving mini-trains. Employed by the museum in 2008. Also takes part in events and registration tasks at the museum.

Filip Gram-Jensen

Frederik Birkholt Kolding

Anna Back Larsen (MA), Curator, Danish Railway Museum. Employed by the museum since 2013. Majoring in history, specialising in exhibitions, and minoring in organisational communication. Possesses expertise in the fields of communication, information and museology, and has been involved with analysis and critique of museum exhibitions and with the setting up of several museum exhibitions. Museum experience from Odense City Museums, 2008–2011 (Funen Art Museum, The Funen Village, and Møntergården) and Østfyn Museums, 2012–2013.

Karl Erik Larsen, Superintendent. Employed by the museum since 2010. Responsible for and manages all practical tasks at the museum and technical tasks associated with the maintenance of the museum's buildings and grounds. Takes part in the setting up of exhibitions. Member of a network of Danish museum superintendents.

Jørgen Lindevall, Locomotive Driver, engine shop manager at the museum's engine shops in Copenhagen and Roskilde. Employed by the museum since 2001. Qualified machinist. Since his youth, he has taken part in many vintage train clubs' activities and efforts to refurbish steam locomotives in particular, later under the auspices of the Danish Railway Museum at the engine shop in Roskilde. Participated at the Museum Railway in Maribo, DJK Høng, etc. Engine driver for DSB until being employed by the museum. In charge of refurbishing steam locomotives and has gained experience in a wide range of similar projects at the museum and other vintage train clubs.

Gitte Lundager, Head of Collections, MA in history, qualified historian specialising in administration history, 1990. Employed by the Danish State Archives on several occasions since 1979, most recently as an archivist in 1990–92, with duties including visitor guides, and the making available of municipal and state archives. Employed by Dansk Data Arkiv in 1984. Employed by the Odense Department of Local History (now the State Archives) in 1987–1989, to investigate municipal administrative offices' archival conditions. Has taught courses at the Danish University Extension (Folkeuniversitet) in the history of public administration and archival studies, 1986–1991. Employed by the Danish Railway Museum since 1992, responsible for collections and library, including the photo collection. Has contributed to a number of articles on topics about railways and archival history and served as photo editor for a number of books, including På Sporet [On Track], 1997, a standard three-volume work about the history of Danish railways. Member of the editorial staff for Jernbanehistorie [Railway History] since 2013.

Hanne O. Rasmussen, Head Railway Clerk, responsible for the museum's ticket sales and reception services, shop and procurement of retail commodities. Employed by the museum since 2011. Previously employed by DSB with administrative duties associated with train staff. Takes part in a network of Funen museums' managers of shops and reception areas.

Lise Stadelund

Dung Pham

Gitte Høegh van Deurs